SHOCKING footage shows a yob nonchalantly smashing car windows and taking their stereo systems within seconds.

One of those cars belongs to Javid Razaq and was parked up near his home in Beck Bridge Lane, in Allerton.

Mr Razaq said replacing the window and stereo system will now cost him an estimated £5,000 to £6,000.

The break-ins happened on November 24 in the early hours.

The suspect, clad in dark clothing and a hood, comes into view at 1.09am, walks up the street then back to an area where two black cars are parked.

He moves next to the front-side passenger door of the left vehicle – a Volkswagen Golf – shines a torch inside, before smashing the window and the car’s alarm begins to blare.

He can be seen leaning inside before he emerges with something in his arms and then runs away across a front garden carrying the item.

Just moments later, at 1.23am, CCTV footage with sound catches him carrying out the same practice on Mr Razaq’s Golf further down the street, with a loud crash as he smashes the window.

West Yorkshire Police said it received a report of a theft from a vehicle on November 24 and are investigating the alleged crime, in relation to Mr Razaq’s vehicle.

He said: “Basically what he’s done, about an hour before he’s done the break-in, he stands side-by-side to the car, had a look in, looking away, then he walked off.

“Then an hour later, he returns, smashes the glass, opens the glove box, rips it out and within 10 seconds he’s gone.”

He added: “I spoke to Volkswagen as well, everything clips together – he accesses the glove compartment to get to the wires, he unplugs it all from the glovebox then lifts it all out, it makes it a lot easier for him.”

Several cars have been broken into on the street and surrounding area – such as the new builds in Allerton – in the past few weeks, according to Mr Razaq.

He claims the same man, in his early to mid-twenties, is targeting Golfs specifically and wants to community to be aware of the situation.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A yob wanders off with an item in his hand after breaking into a Volkswagen Golf off Beck Bridge Lane, in Allerton, belonging to Javid RazaqA yob wanders off with an item in his hand after breaking into a Volkswagen Golf off Beck Bridge Lane, in Allerton, belonging to Javid Razaq (Image: UGC)

He said: “It looks like he’s a bit of a professional, he’s done it many times, the amount of speed and how quick he did it.

“It’s definitely not the first one.”

The ordeal has left Mr Razaq feeling shocked, upset and angry and he had to take a day off work to sort the problem.

He is still even finding shards of glass in his vehicle and had a message for the perpetrator.

He said: “Stop it, behave yourself, get a job.

“You don’t understand what you’re doing to families, especially with the money crisis going on.

“With energy bills, the last thing people want is their car broke into.”