MORE than 90 abandoned vehicles were left parked on a Bradford street – according to a new report.

But after owners were warned these cars would be seized if they did not move them from around Spencer Road in Lidget Green, the number has plummeted.

A report into work done by Wardens and Environmental Enforcement Officers in the south of the city will be discussed by the Bradford South Area Committee next Thursday.

Members will hear how 93 vehicles parked on public roads were found to be abandoned – not having paid any road tax or had an MOT for some time.

The issue of streets being clogged with unused vehicles was raised with Council officers by both councillors and residents who were tired of the abandoned cars taking up on-street parking spaces.

After working with PCSOs on the issue for six weeks, the number of abandoned vehicles fell from 93 to just three.

A linked police operation in the same area saw a rusted van - being kept in place on a hilly street with a brick behind each wheel - seized. The owner of that vehicle could not be traced.

Council intervene after cars are ‘dumped’ on Bradford street

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “The success of this operation was down to persistent and diligent work by our Neighbourhood Wardens, ancillary services and partners.

“Neighbourhood Wardens patrolled the Spencer Road and Brackenbeck Road area of Lidget Green every week over a six-week period, checking parked cars for MOT and Road Tax. Any vehicles that did not comply to this were reported to our ancillary services.

“This team then checked ownership, and where there was no record of this, placed a sticker on the vehicle requesting the owner to contact the Council or the vehicle would be removed.

“Following this action, the number of abandoned vehicles in this area went from 93 to three over six weeks.

“If anyone suspects a car has been abandoned in their area they should contact us on 01274 431000 or use this link:"

Other work carried out by the team in the Great Horton ward in the past year has included partnering with the Aire Rivers Trust and the Friends of Bradford Beck for a major two-day clean-up at Bullgreave Beck.

Over 300 bags of rubbish, 100 tyres and several fridges were collected from the beck over the two days.

They have also been involved in community clean-ups on Southmere Grove, Summer Hill Street, Bartle Lane, Great Horton Road, Cemetery Road, Hollingwood Lane and Windermere Road.