Bradford-born actor Andrew-Lee Potts will take centre stage next weekend as ITV run a marathon session of his hit dinosaur adventure show Primeval - plus unveil a behind-the-scenes documentary series that he produced and presented.

Andrew, of Wibsey, played geeky unlikely hero Connor Temple in the smash Saturday night TV series, which saw a team of scientists battling prehistoric and far-future beasties falling into the present through holes in time.

A third series of the show - which spawned a series of best-selling toys and action figures at Christmas - is currently in production, again featuring Andrew and his co-star and real-life love Hannah Spearritt, formerly of pop band S Club 7.

On Saturday and Sunday, digital channel ITV will show the entire first two series back to back. Saturday sees all six episodes from the first season, while the second run is shown in Sunday.

After the episodes will be the Through the Anomaly sections directed and produced by Andrew, originally intended for the DVD release, going behind the scenes of the show.

Andrew revealed to the Telegraph & Argus earlier this year that a spur-of-the-moment image change nearly spelled disaster for the documentaries.

After initial filming he was called back to re-shoot a few of his "talking head" scenes which gave his bosses something of a problem since wrapping up production on the series and the making of documentaries, Andrew had shaved all his hair off !

He said: "I didn't do it to avoid being recognised. After we'd finished filming I said I fancied a change, and as I had to have a different look for the new series of Ideal the Johnny Vegas sitcom on BBC3 I decided to shave my head."

Eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot Andrew wearing a hat in some links to disguise his sudden change in image.

Luke Morrison from ITV said: "The quirky behind-the-scenes documentary is directed and presented by Andrew, who throughout the five months of filming gained unrivalled access to the production.

"On set he speaks to his fellow cast members about coming back to filming after the amazing success of series one. He then takes the viewer on a journey through the production, speaking to everyone involved in the making of the series."

He even visits the factory where the first Primeval toys were manufactured.

Andrew told the T&A that the prototype for his character's action figure had to be sent back because it looked too handsome!