DELIVERY drivers across Bradford went on strike to protest against what they claim are lower pay rates offered by an online food order site.

"Just Eat have actually lowered the pay rates we receive for deliveries," claimed Tariq Khan, a Bradford delivery driver.

He was among hundreds of delivery drivers who went on strike last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, forcing some restaurants to turn off their order machines.

Mr Khan said: "Deliveries have gone up, but what's happening is that they're paying drivers less but getting them to do more work.

"For example, a one-mile delivery fast food couriers got £5 and they're now receiving a mere £3.80 per delivery.

"For two deliveries, the rate averages £6.20 in total whereas it used to be at least £10.80.

"This is affecting all the deliveries we make and it has made the drivers very angry.

"It's not due to demand, although demand can affect pay rates, but in the last two or three months the amount we get paid has gone down.

"We held strike action with drivers holding up posters and banners outside McDonald's locations in Bradford and Leeds."

Among the McDonald's sites where strikes were held included: Parkway in BD5, Asda in BD5, Ingelby Road in BD8, Thornbury in BD3, Five Lane Ends in BD10, Shipley in BD18 and Pudsey in LS28.

Mr Khan said: "I'd like to stress we have no problem at all with McDonald's. They're just one of the main restaurants and Just Eat platforms that we pick up orders from.

"However, a lot of the takeaways noticed there was a shortage of drivers last weekend.

"The last few months pay rates have suddenly gone down. Although Just Eat added a 50p boost per delivery that boost isn't as good as the original rate they were paying.

"It used to be good money but fuel prices have gone up and it means we make minimal profit.

"If we don't make a stand nothing is going to change.

"Drivers are really feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis.

"The drivers are thinking of doing another strike but it is not yet confirmed.

"These strikes could affect the whole of Bradford because this city is really known for its good takeaways.

A Just Eat spokesperson said: “We take any concerns raised by couriers on our network seriously.

"We provide a highly competitive base rate to self-employed couriers and also offer regular incentives to help them maximise their earnings.

"We continue to review our pay structure regularly and welcome any feedback from couriers."


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