Plans have been submitted for a new £1.25 million zero-carbon community centre.

After extensive consultation, plans for the new Baildon Link, in Cliffe Avenue, are now to be considered by Bradford Council.

The environment-friendly centre, drawn up by York-based architects Eco Arc, would be one of the first of its kind in the country if it is approved.

Committee chairman Mervyn Flecknoe said: "This is the most exciting thing that has happened to us at Baildon Link for a long time. We have been working for this since 2000 - before we moved to the building we are now situated in.

"We have made this building suitable for activities but it's hard work.

"We have now been fortunate in gaining the services of an architect of outstanding ability. He has produced these fabulous plans for us."

Mr Flecknoe said plans received a boost when Bradford Council's executive voted to provide the project with £750,000 funding. A second-stage bid for £500,000 has been submitted to the Lottery Fund.

The building includes a "green-roof", complete with plants, to reduce the amount of water flowing into drains and to retain vegetation for wildlife.

Other energy-saving features include solar panels to heat water and generate electricity, a natural and controllable ventilation system, and a wind turbine.

Dr Flecknoe said: "We are fortunate because Bradford Council has allowed us to build on possibly the most beautiful site ever allowed for a community centre.

"If it goes ahead we will demolish the current building and return this part to parkland, so the community won't miss out on green open space."

The building could provide an estimated ten per cent more accommodation for activities than the current building.

The committee hopes to source materials and manpower locally.

Dr Flecknoe said: "The architect has a 100 per cent record of getting planning permission through.

"I think everybody is on board so we don't have much to worry about."

Shipley Tory MP Phillip Davies is due to travel from Westminster to view the plans available at the Link.

He said the area was in need of a new and improved community centre.

"The most important thing, as far as I'm concerned, is that it's a great local facility that people in the community want to use and find useful," he said.

"All the other things are positive spinoffs. Everybody would like a local building to be a local icon but for me the most important part is that it's something in the community which will be well used.

"I think I am right in saying all three local councillors are certainly behind the building and I am happy to do whatever I can to support it as well."