West Yorkshire has been named among the regions with the highest total fines given by police to motorists without insurance.

The findings, which come from the market comparison website, Confused.com, found West Yorkshire to have the second-highest total number of fines as well as the second-highest amount fined.

West Yorkshire is the second highest fined region for uninsured drivers

Confused.com found that 101,859 fines were given in West Yorkshire between 2012 and 2021.

The research undertaken by the organisation also found that almost £32 million had been fined within the same period of time.

These figures mean that West Yorkshire has 74% more fines than South Yorkshire while the average fine given was £483, 15% higher than the average in Cheshire.

'Failing to have the right car insurance' can lead lead to fines

Driving without insurance became illegal in the 1930s and drivers must be properly insured for the vehicle they are driving.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at Confused.com, said: “Failing to have the right car insurance policy in place could result in fines, points on your licence or disqualification from driving.

"Insurers appreciate that there are some emergency situations where you may need to jump behind the wheel of a car you don’t own.

"This is why some cover driving other cars within their comprehensive policy. But being over 25 or having a comprehensive policy doesn’t automatically entitle you to this.

"This must be outlined in your policy, and the car you drive must also be insured by its owner, or you risk the penalty."

The top 10 places for fines given to uninsured drivers by the police

Here are the top 10 spots for uninsured fines:

  • 1 - Metropolitan - Total fines: 220,694 - Total fine amount: £75,756,926
  • 2 - West Yorkshire - Total fines: 101,859 - Total fine amount: £31,946,116
  • 3 - West Midlands - Total fines: 60,228 - Total fine amount: £23,433,073
  • 4 - South Wales - Total fines: 77,907 - Total fine amount: £18,628,716
  • 5 - Sussex - Total fines: 12,183 - Total fine amount: £17,840,470
  • 6 - Greater Manchester - Total fines: 45,205 - Total fine amount: £13,541,311
  • 7 - Hertfordshire - Total fines: 53,176 - Total fine amount: £13,108,601
  • 8 - West Mercia - Total fines: 49,036 - Total fine amount: £12,981,571
  • 9 - Avon and Somerset - Total fines: 48,730 - Total fine amount: £12,555,191
  • 10 - Lancashire - Total fines: 35,540 - Total fine amount: £12,487,794

The research was based on regional police authority data.