Producers behind a new Channel 4 film are looking to rent out two homes in Bradford district.

Idle Work Factory is searching for filming locations for Jordon Scott Kennedy’s new short film, Youthless.

Inspired by the nostalgia of Jordon’s childhood, Youthless follows a small group of adolescents on a social housing estate in Bradford as they unknowingly embark on the last day of their childhoods.

Following a successful open casting call, the producers are hoping to film in two council houses on October 22 and October 25 and 26.

The ideal interior will be one that is not too modern with a 90s and 2000s vibe, producers said.

Idle Work Factory said: "As it is a Channel 4 funded film, there is a small fee available for use of the location.

"The production will be insured in case of any accidental damages."

Idle Work Factory is happy to allow the owner to stay on site during film takes.

If you’d like to see your house on the big screen, you can email production crews via

Talking with Channel 4, Jordon described the aims of the film as “aligning itself with Bradford’s rich cinematic history of working-class stories. Only this time, it's made by an authentic working-class director who lived to tell the tale. An honest perspective on growing up in social housing, without patronising the audience and characters.”

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