There's been a flurry of excitement from T&A readers amid suggestions that Bradford could become the next Hollywood. 

The vision of Bradford's potential future in film and TV was put forward by Professor David Wilson, director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film.

He made a pitch for a permanent studio similar to Pinewood in London, where James Bond was filmed.

Professor Wilson claimed a state-of-the-art studio set-up would double the number of filming days in Bradford district overnight.

Professor Wilson said: “What we really need is a space where you can build any set you like, from recreating a 19th century police station to a hospital set.

“If Bradford invested in a set build space and studio space, we would double the number of filming days overnight.”

It sparked a huge discussion online - from those sharing ideal locations for such a venture to calls for Bradford Council to better preserve some of the city's oldest buildings. 

Others questioned the practicalities of a permanent studio, citing the potential costs for crews driving through Bradford's new Clean Air Zone

In a T&A reader poll, 98 per cent of readers said Bradford should build its own dedicated, permanent studio.

Jan Webb said: “Why are you Bradfordians being disheartened?! You would be surprised how many films and TV series have actually been filmed in Bradford. We should be proud and take care of our wonderful city and protect what we have got left. Instead of moaning on a keyboard, get out there and do something and teach the young generation to be proud and respectful.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lights on Little Germany for previous filming in Bradford. Picture: NewsquestLights on Little Germany for previous filming in Bradford. Picture: Newsquest

Mariyam Karolia said: “Richard Dunns Sport Centre would be an ideal spot! Or the 10 acres that used to be Drummond Mill!

James Craig said: “Plenty of old mills about, instead of them going up in flames perhaps repurpose them.”

Neil Tindall said: “Will these production/film studios want to come to Bradford when they find out it’s going to cost them up to £50 per day to bring the vehicles into Bradford.”

John Haggas said: “A lot of filming is done around old building like mills, hospitals, Little Germany etc. Where will that film after the council finish destroying it all?”

Sky Masters said: “It would be absolutely brilliant wouldn't it, what a great thing this would be. Bradford Council, please, please stop knocking down all of our beautiful old areas that are architecturally historic and wonderful. Give us a chance at this.”

Lisa Holliday said: “Hope it happens soooo many things are filmed here. It would be amazing to see a studio here too.”

Jos Roberts said: “Richard Dunn building is going spare.”

Abbey Woods said: “It would do wonders for our economy.”

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