Chaos erupted after a man wearing roller skates nearly collided with King Charles III's car.

The incident happened whilst the King was making his way towards Westminster Hall to take part in the Queen’s children's vigil on Friday evening.

Social media users were able to capture the moment the roller skater made his way to the front of the vehicle before police stopped the man.

One Twitter user shared the moment writing: “Rollerblader evaded security and seemingly tried to collide into #KingCharles motorcade travelling to the vigil, shortly after 1930 on parliament square. Police intervened just in time.”

In the video, you can see the square taped off to all upcoming traffic as the King's motorcade approached the area.

As the man on roller skates came towards the car, several officers tried to stop him before he went around the corner and headed on towards the royal vehicles.

Although it was believed that the man was not attempting any malicious actions as police told the public he had been attempting to cross the road at the time.

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The man was handcuffed at the scene before being let go.

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: “At approximately 19:40hrs, as police vehicles were entering Parliament Square, a pedestrian attempted to cross the road.

“An officer on foot quickly intervened, bringing the man to the ground in order to stop him from continuing. The man was subsequently spoken to by officers before being let on his way.”

The incident took place just moments before the King and his siblings held a vigil for their mother in Westminster Hall.

Seeing Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward all take part in the 10-minute vigil on Friday evening.