Controversial US-style stun guns have been used more times by West Yorkshire Police than all but one other force across the country.

Figures released by the Home office show the weapons, which can temporarily incapacitate a target with up to 50,000 volts, have been used 115 times since April 2004.

The force has fired the weapon 45 times and drive-stunned it five times, which means the barbs are taken out and it is used up close on a suspect.

It has been drawn and aimed four times and a red dot placed on a target as a warning 54 times. And in a further attempt to make a target surrender it was arced - meaning the power supply was activated - six times. The final time the weapon was used has not been categorised.

A breakdown from July to November last year show the weapon was fired six times, and the red dot placed on the thugs seven times.

Assistant Chief Constable Jawaid Akhtar said: "Taser is an extremely useful option - one of a range of options - available to officers to help resolve incidents. It is only used by trained officers and after careful consideration of the circumstances, including how we best reduce potential harm to members of the public, our police officers and the subject."