Police are continuing to investigate a disturbance in Bradford, described as a racially-motivated incident, in which ten people were hurt.

The trouble broke out in Harry Street, Cutler Heights, Bradford, at 7pm on Friday, March 7.

The disturbance involved about 30 youths in their mid to late teens, some of whom were carrying sticks.

Most of those injured suffered cuts and bruises but one person had his arm fractured.

Police made six arrests and all have been released on bail pending further inquiries. Investigations are continuing to trace other witnesses and suspects.

A police spokesman said people from both rival groups had been hurt. She said the disturbance involved people from different races and was being treated as racially motivated.

The police were unable to say whether the incident had been sparked by an attack on a Madrassa, a school for Muslim children.

Police are urging anyone who has information about the incident to contact Detective Inspector Noel Devine, of Bradford South CID, on 0845 6060606.

They are particularly keen to hear from anyone who saw a group of youths running along Tong Street, near to its junction with Wakefield Road, or anyone who has found a stick abandoned in their yard or garden.