A Bradford-based charity has sent senior health experts to help train medical staff working in war-torn Iraq.

The eight consultants and registrars will train 30 medics in Istanbul who will then return to Iraq, where specialists are rare due to the continuing security risks.

The Human Relief Foundation (HRF), which was set up in 1991 in response to the Gulf War, aims to train more than 150 Iraqi doctors this year in a bid to make up for the 5,000 medical staff who have fled the country since 2003.

Project co-ordinator Yousaf Razaq said: "The feedback from both sides has been fantastic and it is rewarding to know that this training is bringing valuable knowledge and skills to these dedicated personnel in Iraq.

"The need in Iraq for qualified medical specialists is more than ever as there are hundreds of casualties on a daily basis with many being children incurring horrific injuries."

Charity director Dr Nabeel Al-Ramadhani also issued a plea to residents to continue to donate to the cause.

For more information, contact Mr Razaq on (01274) 392727 or log on to hrf.co.uk