A Bradford councillor has urged people to be wary of misinformation following a serious incident at a bingo hall in Bradford.

Councillor Matt Edwards (Green, Tong) said second hand details had been shared about armed police at Buzz Bingo, formerly Gala Bingo, on Tong Street.

West Yorkshire Police received reports of three men running into the venue around 7.35pm on Sunday, reportedly saying they were being chased by men armed with a gun.

Cllr Edwards thanked police for responding to incident “so quickly and with force”.  

Enquiries into the incident continue today.

Cllr Edwards told the T&A: “I’d like to thank West Yorkshire Police for responding to this incident so quickly and with force.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Buzz Bingo, pictured. Picture: T&ABuzz Bingo, pictured. Picture: T&A

“Unfortunately there was a lot of misinformation being spread on social media last night. It is really important that people don’t share second hand information – it doesn’t help anyone and makes things a lot more difficult for the police to investigate.

“As a ward councillor, I meet with the police very regularly and they are serious about tackling issues in BD4.

"They have made quite a few arrests recently related to bike theft and anti-social behaviour but they can’t do their job if residents don’t report things. I hear people saying the police never do anything and not only is that not true, they can’t respond to things they don’t know about.

“Obviously there is a lot more to do but we need the community to help us.”

One resident, who works around The Avenue Retail Park, said: "The main problem round here is the guys on [nuisance] motorbikes - that's the main problem.

"If there's a police car in the traffic and it can't move they go up the side of the police car. It's everyday.

"They do wheelies in the middle of the road.

"If one does it, they all start doing it. It might be four of them behind each other. 

"It's been like that for about a year now round Bradford 4. 

"It's a bad impression of Bradford, it's [Tong Street] one of the main roads in Bradford. If you're not from round here you'd think, 'What's it like round here?!'."

When asked what he thought would tackle the issue, the BD4 local said: "Probably everything's been tried. There's proper education, dangers of getting involved in low criminality."

Another mum said she lives in the Holme Wood area and doesn't let her son play on the street. 

She claimed anyone who is seen reporting information to police is later targeted.

"It's getting worse," she said.

"It had been said they were trying to get rid of the nuisance bikes. But what are they actually doing if they're following police cars?

"Businesses are suffering for it. It's the kids. I've got a young lad that I won't let play out.

"You don't want to let kids out because they're driving on the paths with the vehicles.

"At the end of the day if the parents can't control them then what hope does anybody else have? What does the future generation hold?"

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