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Shrubs are a small to medium-sized perennial woody plant. They come in all shapes and sizes and help provide beauty to your borders all year round.

If you’re hoping to add some to your garden, here’s what you need to know and where you can find them.

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When to plant flowering shrubs?

Flowering shrubs are best planted between October-April. Avoid planting in soil that is frozen or waterlogged.

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Container grown shrubs can be planted all year round, but the same applies when planting in frozen soil.

What kind of shrubs can I get?

YouGarden has a vast range of shrubs that you can add to your garden, Buddleia davidii is just one of these.

This Buddleia 'Butterfly Candy' collection is made up of compact and perfectly formed, patio butterfly bushes that are guaranteed to add some late summer colour and to your garden with their intense flower spires.

These are low maintenance, however, benefit from pruning in early spring to maintain a nice compact plant. This is best done in March.

Plant Buddleia in garden borders in any moist, well drained garden soil, in full sun or semi-shade.

Take a look at all of YouGarden’s shrubs on the website here.