A HEARTFELT blessing and ceremony was held for Baby Daisy earlier today.

Daisy Lane was found at Bowling Back Lane Household Waste Recycling Centre exactly two years ago, on August 20, 2020.

The newborn baby was found by workers wrapped in a pink towel which depicted the island of Fuerteventura in yellow on a purple background and sadly was dead.

Emergency services were called to the site where the heartbreaking discovery was made and police have been searching for Daisy's mother ever since.  

A funeral service for Daisy took place last May and now an emotional blessing at her new headstone in Bowling Cemetery has taken place.

Daisy's headstone is black and shaped like the flower which is her namesake.

Engraved in the gravestone is: "In our hearts you will stay remembered everyday."

The plot is adorned by various items, including porcelain monuments, unicorn plushes, a windmill, flowers and a teddy made out of a hi-vis jacket from a worker at the waste site who was on shift when the tragic discovery was made.

There was also a pot teddy holding a heart, engraved with the message "sadly missed, a special little girl."

The short ceremony began at 12pm with some staff from the waste management site, police staff and Emergency Management and Bereavement services in attendance.

One of the recycling plant staff members placed a colourful wreath on the grave as the ceremony started.

The Very Reverand Andy Bowerman, The Dean of Bradford, blessed the headstone, read scriptures and gave prayers for various people.

He gave a prayer for Daisy's mum.

Reverand Bowerman said: "Someone, somewhere is grieving this baby."

The church official then explained that in scripture God knows us before we're born.

He said: "God knew Daisy before she was born."

Reverend Bowerman added: "God has her with him."

The plastic windmill began blowing as the scriptures were read, with the sun shining down as well.

Reverend Bowwerman then knelt before the grave, touching the headstone and giving prayer.

He said: "A prayer for the mother and father, unknown to us, but known to God."

He added: "A prayer for many who have lost children across this district."

The church official also gave prayer for those who discovered Daisy and have investigated since.