At the end of August, thousands of music fans will be gearing up to enjoy a weekend of great music and acts at Leeds Festival. 

The festival is held in Braham Park from August 26-28 and although tickets went on sale a few months back, there are still a few remaining tickets left. 

So if you fancy seeing some of the biggest names in the music industry headlining then you are in luck as there are a host of huge names appearing. 

Including Rage Against the Machine, Halsey, Bastille, Arctic Monkeys, Bring Me the Horizon, Dave, Little Simz and Megan Thee Stallion to name just a few.

There's even some comedy at the festival with comedians, Russell Howard, Reginald D Hunter, Munya Chawaya, Joanne McNally and more appearing. 

With the festival just a few weeks away you'll need to grab your tickets before they sell out and start grabbing all your camping equipment.

How to get tickets to Leeds Festival 2022:

If you're wanting to go to the festival, there are eight ticket options to choose from, with the choice of weekend, camping, payment plan or day tickets. 

However some are sold out with the only option available through re-sale tickets, all the links to buy tickets are for Ticketmaster, the official partner of Leeds Festival.

Leeds Weekend Tickets: 

  • Leeds Weekend Tickets (Including Camping)- Buy tickets
  • Leeds Weekend Ticket Payment Plan (Including Camping)- Buy tickets
  • Leeds Weekend Ticket and Early Entry Pass (Including Camping)- Buy tickets 
  • Leeds Weekend Ticket and Early Entry Pass Payment Plan (Including Camping)- Buy tickets

Leeds Day Tickets:

Leeds Extras: 

To get more information head to the Leeds Festival website