Chris Roberts, of Bradford & Bingley Weatherline, brings us his regular weekly weather forecast for the days ahead

High pressure is building from the south west and this will influence our weather for quite some time by pushing away the cool north-westerly breeze we have at present.

Temperatures will build from Sunday onwards, drawing air from a more humid south west direction, with the potential for it to become very warm or even hot midweek.

This could change if the high shifts its position and allows for more cloud to develop, reducing temperatures a little. It will still feel warm, though.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford & Bingley Weatherline


A mainly dry day with just a small chance of some drizzle over the hills.

A sunny start but more cloud will move in late morning bringing sunny periods and mixed cloud amounts for the rest of the day.

Temperatures from 13 to 18C in a moderate westerly breeze, but feeling quite pleasant with the fresh north-westerly air.

The evening/night will be cool and dry with lows of 11 or 12C, with a light north-westerly breeze.


A very similar day to Saturday with mixed cloud and sunny periods, dry, and warmer.

Temperatures from 13 to perhaps 21C in a moderate west to north-westerly breeze.

Evening/night temperatures similar too at 12 to 13C.

Overall, a dry and settled weekend with a mainly moderate to light breezes and cool nights but warmer by day and will feel and look very pleasant Further Outlook.

Into next week

Dry, mixed cloud and sunny spells with a lightening breeze.

Temperatures increasing day on day, perhaps peaking at 26/27C by Wednesday but probably not sustained for a heatwave to be declared for our region.

The rest of the week is expected to be similar but may cool down a little towards next weekend, reducing the chances of a heatwave.

Enjoy the week ahead, but please try to save water if you can. Almost no rain for the forseeable future.

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