Family members of a 73-year-old woman from Bradford have been urged to contact coroners' officers. 

Janice Edwina Lansdell passed away on July 24, 2022. 

Anyone with information should contact the Bradford Coroners' Office on 01274 373721.

All you need to know about Coroners' officers

A death may be reported to the coroner by different people, such as the police, prison officers, the registrar of births and deaths, doctors or a hospital.

Coroners' officers are those who work for coroners and provide a link between the coroner and relatives or witnesses.

Coroners' officers work to get information from bereaved families, the police, doctors, mortuary staff, hospital bereavement staff and funeral directors.

Coroners' officers are usually civilian police staff or local authority employees but sometimes they are serving police officers.

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