SEVERAL police officers who went the extra mile to save lives and chase down dangerous armed offenders have been honoured at a Kirklees district awards.

Among those commemorated was then PCSO Liam Greig who confronted a potentially armed man, despite not having protective kit on him.  

Greig (now a PC) attended a knifepoint robbery in 2020 and on sighting one of the suspects, made after him single-handed.

Greig maintained his pursuit warning residents to keep back and was able to guide colleagues to his location, resulting in the arrest of the males.

Also commended were PC Nicola Makin, PC Daniel Rush along with a member of the public and colleagues from the ambulance service, for their bravery in a 2019 river rescue.

The incident saw all parties take part in the rescue of a woman in the fast-flowing River Calder in Dewsbury.

During the rescue, PC Rush and one of the paramedics disregarded their own safety to enter the water and go to the victim’s assistance.

She was rescued with the assistance of a resident on a nearby boat who approached them, threw the officer and paramedic a rope, and used it to assist them in getting her out of the water.

The victim was taken to hospital for treatment, and it is thought she could well have died without emergency service intervention.

Meanwhile, another award was given to  PC who led an investigation into a Class A drugs ring operating in the Marsh area of Huddersfield.

His detailed investigation, which was supported by colleagues from the Kirklees Programme Precision Team, saw six men jailed for more than 37 years.

Chief Superintendent James Griffiths of Kirklees Police, said: “The District Awards provide us with an opportunity to recognise those who continue to go above and beyond to keep people safe.

“The primary purpose of policing is to preserve life, and these awards have demonstrated numerous examples of officers displaying real bravery.

“Indeed, that selflessness has also been reflected by colleagues from other blue light services and residents who have put the welfare of others before themselves.

“We have also seen examples of staff whose diligence and persistence in investigating serious offending has resulted in organised crime groups being broken up and put behind bars.

“It is heartening to see our officers and staff continue to display the qualities we all expect and far more to protect those who need our help.”