THE bride killed by her new husband and dumped in a suitcase had labelled him a psychopath in a 999 call the previous year, the jury at Bradford Crown Court heard.

Two phone conversations made by Dawn Walker to the emergency services were heard by the jury in the Thomas Nutt murder trial today.

On September 11, 2020, Miss Walker said that he had tried to snap her neck.

She said he was known to be violent and had ‘done it to his ex'. 

“He’s a psychopath. One minute he’s all right and then he’s like a totally different person,” she said.

Miss Walker said they had been together for two years and it was ‘getting worse and worse.’

Nutt had punched her top lip, marked her face and tried to suffocate her.

She said he would kill her if he knew she had reported it.

Nutt, 45, of Shirley Grove, Lightcliffe, listened from the dock as the calls were played.

He denies murdering Miss Walker but has admitted her manslaughter.

The couple married on October 27 last year. Miss Walker’s body was discovered four days later in a suitcase in bushes near the marital home.

The jury heard a second 999 call from Miss Walker made on September 13, 2020, in which she said he had been arrested because ‘he made a real mess of me.’

It had ‘gone on for months and months and months’ and he was now in Armley.

Miss Walker said that Nutt had punched her, elbowed her in the face and broken her nose.

“My mind is going. I’m sending myself crackers. I’m going round the twist,” she said.

On September 22, 2020, Miss Walker made a statement withdrawing her support for the prosecution of Nutt.

She said she had been struggling with her mental health when she made the allegations and drinking heavily.

She was now thinking straight and realised that he was only trying to restrain her when she was going berserk.

He should be released from custody and she did not want any police action against him.

She said it was ‘a toxic relationship with both as bad as each other.’

On October 1, 2020, Miss Walker gave a statement to an independent solicitor saying she had tried to retract her allegations.

She said she had given ‘an inaccurate version of what happened.’

She had become erratic and confused. She suffered with bipolar and wasn’t taking her medication properly.

She said Nutt didn’t deserve to be in trouble and she wanted him home.

She had been ‘shouting and bawling and screaming in his face’ and had lashed out at him.

The trial continues.