Community pubs bring people together and the good role they play should not be forgotten amid Britain's binge-boozing culture, an MP has warned.

Otley MP Greg Mulholland is calling for a return of the traditional "pub culture" where people meet and enjoy a drink together.

Today he tabled a Commons motion supporting the Campaign for Real Ale's Community Pubs Week running until Saturday.

The Lib Dem MP said: "People, including Government Ministers, keep saying we need to move to some kind of continental cafe culture' in this country when what we really need is to support traditional pub culture'.

"Real community pubs, where people meet to socialise with friends and neighbours, provide an environment in which people can and do enjoy alcohol responsibly.

"If there was more emphasis on this genuine pub culture' in this country, we would not have many of the problems associated with excessive drinking.

"We should recognise the importance of these pubs to local communities and the Government needs to bring in changes to legislation to protect them.

The number of pubs closing is a matter of real concern for us as a society and if we don't act soon, we will lose an important part of our heritage."

"Losing community pubs would also bring an end to encouraging healthier attitudes towards alcohol and more needs to be done to tackle "irresponsible" drink promotions in city centre bars and supermarkets, he added.

The call comes weeks after Mr Mulholland said pubs should be forced to sell smaller glasses of wine in a bid to end Britain's growing booze culture.

He told the Commons the current weights and measures legislation needed to be amended to make all "on trade" licence premises offer the 125ml measure as well as the 175ml and 250ml offered in most places.

The Black Bull Hotel in Haworth was awarded an Improved Pub award in 2007 by the Keighley and Craven branch of the Campaign for Real Ale, for introducing better quality beer and fostering a friendlier atmosphere for drinkers.

Black Bull land lord James Williams said he agreed with Mr Mulholland's views about maintaining traditional pubs with a community atmosphere.

"A pub in a village like Haworth is the only place where people get together to relax when they finish work. It's a meeting place for all walks of life, from bin men to senior policemen, to doctors and nurses," he said.