A BRADFORD man has spoken of his joy after a community that has refused to part ways reunited over the weekend.

Former residents of Sloan Square, off Whetley Lane, shared memories during the event at the Harp of Erin.

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It was organised by Jerry Crawford – who grew up in the area.

Sloan Square, which locals described as a “slum” riddled with poverty, was redeveloped and rebranded as Regency Court in the mid-1980s.

The diverse community – home to Black, white and South Asian people – became a family.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Former Sloan Square residents at Saturday's reunionFormer Sloan Square residents at Saturday's reunion

“The reunion was great – there was laughter from start to finish,” said Jerry, 61.

“I saw people who I’d not seen in 40 years. It was great to see everyone.

“I knew one guy’s face, but couldn’t place him. I looked at him until I recognised the kid I remembered from my childhood – it had come back to me.

“Some of us have children and grandchildren, and they’re all connecting with each other now.

“Despite the hardships of Sloan Square, we are still here today.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The reunion was a huge successThe reunion was a huge success

Jerry met his wife Angela on Sloan Square when they were both teenagers.

“It was one of the best places I lived. I learnt so much and met so many people,” said Angela, 60.

“It will always be home.”

Donna Maguire, 53, also grew up on the estate.

“It was brilliant growing up there, it was a fantastic community,” she said at the reunion.

“I used to chase everyone with my dog back then – some don’t remember me, but they remember my dog!

“It was really rough – we sometimes struggled to eat. But it was still the best time of my life.

“I saw people at the reunion who I haven’t seen since I was 14 – it was like being home again.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: L-R: Former Sloan Square residents Mike 'Curly' Wellington and Donna Maguire, and Donna's daughter AmyL-R: Former Sloan Square residents Mike 'Curly' Wellington and Donna Maguire, and Donna's daughter Amy

Mike ‘Curly’ Wellington was another Sloan Squarer in attendance.

“I couldn’t remember everyone’s names, but I remember faces,” the 59-year-old said.

“It was fantastic to see everyone.

“In Sloan Square we all got on, no matter our race.

“Mine and Jerry’s mums were friends. His mum would look after us when we were poorly.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mike 'Curly' Wellington outside the Harp of Erin on SaturdayMike 'Curly' Wellington outside the Harp of Erin on Saturday

Angela, 55, another former resident, added: “We were one family – Black, white and Asian.

“The Asian families would always bring us curries, and everyone just stuck together.”

Jerry added: “We’re definitely going to have another reunion. We want it to be a family one, where people can bring kids and grandkids.

“Sloan Square wasn’t all happy – but we remember the positive memories. That’s how we move forward.”