A MAN who pleaded guilty to possessing around 2.6kg of cannabis with intent to supply wanted to be “sentenced immediately” so he could return to Vietnam.

Kien Truong, 32, of Pullan Avenue, Eccleshill was sentenced to nine months in prison but was released having already served the required amount of time.

The case was set to be adjourned as Truong’s defence had got the wrong sentencing date, but the 32-year-old wanted to proceed anyway.

Mr Truong – a Vietnamese national who has no legal rights in the UK - said: “I want to be sentenced immediately so I can end this quickly and return to Vietnam.”

There was a search of a property on Pullan Avenue by police on January 24 this year at around 2.45am.


Cannabis was found at various locations in the house, with the total amount worth up to £25,000 in street value.

There was some cannabis found in a carrier bag in the living room and also in the drawer of a cabinet.

There was also cannabis in the dining room on top of the fridge, in the front bedroom, which was the main bedroom, and where Truong was occupying there were some notebooks but no actual drugs.

The majority of the drugs were found in a second bedroom – there were three vacuum-sealed bags containing over two kilos of cannabis.


It appeared that cannabis had been recently harvested and in a third bedroom there was equipment associated with growing cannabis.

Truong was arrested and interviewed and in interview, said he had lived at the property for three months.

He said he had been offered accommodation and work and travelled from London to Bradford.

He admitted to moving some equipment in the house but said he did not know what it was and denied any involvement with cannabis.

Truong pleaded guilty on February 23, but said he did not know about the cannabis in the house in Pullan Avenue and claimed police told him in interview he should plead so he could return to his home country quickly.

His Honour Judge Jonathan Gibson said Truong had a significant role because at the very least he had some awareness and understanding of the scale of the operation.

Truong has no previous convictions.

He was sentenced to nine months in prison but Truong was released.

Judge Gibson said: “Because you’ve served approximately six months, you will have served the custodial part of it, then you will be able to make arrangements with the authorities for returning to Vietnam.”