BRADFORD is one of 20 locations across the UK and Europe that will be taking part in Fly With Me, a multi-city kite-flying festival on Saturday, August 20.

That date marks one year since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Fly With Me, presented by Good Chance Theatre, celebrates the ancient Afghan craft of kite-flying in an aerial act of solidarity with the people of Afghanistan.

The art form, alongside music, theatre and dance, was previously banned by the Taliban during their occupation of the country.

Fly With Me invites people from all backgrounds to come together and fly a kite - sending a message to the world to ‘Remember Afghanistan’.

In kite-making workshops across Europe and the UK, Afghan storytellers will bring to life the story of Zaki, a 12-year-old boy in Kabul who, in keeping with 800-year-old traditions, loves to fly kites each autumn.

To learn how to make and fly kites, a kite-making pack of instructions, materials and short films will be available for families, schools, town councils, community groups and individuals to create their own Afghan kites.

Master kite-maker, Afghan refugee based in the UK and Fly With Me co-creator Sanjar Qiam, said: "Fly With Me is an act of solidarity with the people of Afghanistan and an opportunity for all of us to come together and feel between our fingers the strings that connect us to this incredible country, its culture and its people."

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