A FAMILY-owned Polish bakery and patisserie in Frizinghall is offering the city’s international residents a slice of home.

House of Bread, found on Bradford Road, was a lifelong dream in the making for Barbara Laszkowska.

Sourcing inspiration from her ancestor’s recipes, the passionate baker specialises in sourdough bread, cakes, pastries, tarts and more.

The freshly baked goods are popular with families searching for the nostalgic tastes of their homeland.

“I always wanted to have my own shop,” Barbara told the Telegraph & Argus.

“In Poland we’ve got a long tradition to bake in our families. That was my ambition to bake and cook from scratch my own food and now there we are.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: House of Bread's Barbara Laszkowska, pictured.House of Bread's Barbara Laszkowska, pictured.

“My mother, my grandmother, they left me some recipes.  

“We’re not professionals, this is just passion.

“We used to go every year to France for holidays and the French bakeries, we’ve been so excited.

“In Poland, I used to study French literature and theology.

“This is the inspiration. My business is like a mixture of Polish and French.”

Making the produce as fresh as possible is important for Barbara, who hails from the Kaszuby region of Poland.

Serving quality, natural cuisine hot off the stove is something baked into her genealogy.

The bakery offers a mix of sweet treats each week, including caramel crunch slices filled with almond, hazelnuts and walnuts and poppyseed swirls.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Behind the scenes at House of Bread. Pictures: T&ABehind the scenes at House of Bread. Pictures: T&A

The working week begins on Monday, making sure there’s plenty of goods ready by Tuesday.

Baking takes place every two days.

Barbara said: “I’m a proper Polish person and I really miss Poland. I wanted to create a little Poland here where I live.

“I’m not using any chemicals, that’s why [with] my cakes the best before date is not very long as they don’t contain any preservatives. This style is quite old-fashioned.”

Two years into trading, House of Bread is regularly stocked on the shelves of several Polish supermarkets across West Yorkshire.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Barbara runs the shop alongside her husband, who also works as an electrician, and four children.Barbara runs the shop alongside her husband, who also works as an electrician, and four children.

She runs the shop alongside her husband, who also works as an electrician, and four children.

Barbara, who settled in Shipley, said: “I invented eight different types of bread. We’ve got 100 per cent rye, garlic rye, and wheat. Every bread, cakes, tastes differently.

“Now I’ve got so many orders, my husband is responsible for bread and I’m responsible for cakes.

“Our youngest son is helping and my daughter from time to time.”

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