A BINGLEY couple has shared how they came to be the new owners of Bingley Post Office.

Anthony and Alexandra Clegg were running their popular shop, The Stationery Cupboard, when Councillor Marcus Dearden (Labour, Bingley) walked in with a life-changing suggestion.

The pair took over the Main Street branch in spring, pairing their stationery and business supply expertise with Post Office services.

“We never did think it would be something we wanted to do,” Anthony told the Telegraph & Argus.

“During Covid the lady that used to have it was open very sporadically. We mentioned to her if she ever felt she wanted to leave would she give us first refusal?

“About six months later she came into the shop.

“Both businesses have done really well. We’ve seen an uptake on the Post Office side of things.

“We’ve had glowing reviews.

“The best thing about it is the fact it’s never quiet. Your days absolutely fly by. There’s constantly people waiting to be served.

“There’s some real characters you wouldn’t expect. We can have a real bit of banter.

“That sense of being part of something is lovely and makes you feel good. Just the fact so many people have come back because of us, it’s touching.”

The Post Office is open for anything from banking, parcels and travel money to cards, office supplies and locally crafted gifts.

The shelves are stocked with glass art from local artists, delicately painted stones, books and much more.

That includes a special Stationery Cupboard photo calendar, featuring talented photographers from across the district.

The same photos have been used for fundraising postcards, where 10 per cent of every sale goes to Friends of Bingley Pool.

Anthony said: “There’s a lot to learn in a Post Office. You wouldn’t believe the amount of different transactions we do in a day.

“By the end of the day we’ve got to balance all that. We’re just about getting to the point where we can sleep again.

“We’d like to thank everyone who has stood by us during this new stage of our business - family, friends and our existing and new customers.

"Our aim is to make Bingley Post Office in to a little hub for all of the local community, with local information, services that everyone needs but most of all a warm and friendly service.

“The main comment we’ve had is just how nice it is to have somebody with a smile.”

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