A MAN has spoken of his frustration over what he claims is a rat infestation causing problems on streets and homes in a Bradford neighbourhood.

Ansar Hussain, of Harlow Road, Lidget Green, said the number in the area has been increasing and said: "There is a lot of rubbish around and the rats are going after overflowing bins."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Rubbish on streets in causing rat problems in Lidget GreenRubbish on streets in causing rat problems in Lidget Green

The area Mr Hussain is referring to is Harlow Road, Hartington Terrace and Cumberland Road, three streets that back onto each other and are located off Legrams Lane.

He said: "There are overgrown bushes and derelict properties and people and are using them as dumping grounds.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Rubbish in causing rat problems in Lidget GreenRubbish in causing rat problems in Lidget Green

Mr Hussain said a neighbour recently had to kill two rats that got into his property.

He also said that a cat recently killed a large rat, and Mr Hussain even described some of the vermin as "gigantic".

"Rats destroy houses," said Mr Hussain. "They get into the floorboards and the walls.

"All I want is for people to live peacefully in their street without the fear that their house is being infested by rats."

"I don't think enough enforcement has been done by the council. We've not seen anything, any kind of visible action, being done at the minute.

"They've talked about it but nothing has been done about it.

"I just want the council to handle the problem. I've contacted them multiple times."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bags of rubbish are seen on streets in Lidget GreenBags of rubbish are seen on streets in Lidget Green

He also said that years ago when the council changed bin collections from weekly to fortnightly, there were more problems with overflowing bins.

"I think there's a lack of education about waste collection," he added. "A lot of families don't seem to understand the importance of recycling."

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately vermin infestation is an issue faced by most large cities.

“Our Environmental Enforcement Team will visit this site to identify any potential food sources or problems with the sewers, and will take appropriate action to eradicate the problem.

“We ask people to put all waste in the correct bins and not leave it outside bins which can easily be broken into by rats.

“Waste bins should not be overfilled and lids should be kept closed.

“If people need an extra bin, they can request one from us.

“Landlords and businesses are responsible for ensuring bins are adequate for their properties.

“If residents have concerns about rats they can report them either online at bradford.gov.uk/report or by calling 01274 431000.”

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