TO ROUND off the Bradford Means Business Awards 2022, a Winner of Winners was announced on the night.

At the gala dinner, the commercial sales director for Newsquest in Yorkshire, Steve Lowe, mentioned how the process worked as part of his opening speech.

The audience were given the chance to do a live vote for their winner via text.

The judges, nominees and specially invited guest therefore had the power to choose their favourite on the night.

Alex Robinson - who had already won the Apprentice of the Year title - received the coveted prize after the votes came flooding in.

Alex is an administrator at Thornton Primary School, and came across her apprenticeship by chance.

“I started working here voluntarily, and I never realised I would end up doing an apprenticeship,” she said after being nominated.

Alex also works at a Co-op two days a week, and is a mother to two children.

She admits it has been “tricky” trying to “fit all that in”, but has succeeded nonetheless.

She was also diagnosed with MS in 2019, but said it is now “under control”.

After taking home the prestigious title at the ceremony, Alex said: “I was going to go home to my two girls, my sister is looking after them - but I’m glad I waited now!

“It’s hard to put in words, I can’t believe it.

“I’m overwhelmed and amazed, and I never thought I would be here.

“I’m 38, I’m not a young apprentice. My apprenticeship lasted for three years, it should have been one, but Covid affected it.

“I did my maths and I finally got here - I’m happy to get the certificate and I hope to carry on what I’m doing.

“I still think there are people who are more deserving, but I’m honestly flabbergasted.

“It is an extra reward, but I don’t see it as that - it’s just my day to day life, I don’t see work as work, you just do it regardless, and you keep doing it.

“I definitely want to inspire others, too.

“I got diagnosed with MS, it never stopped me from doing anything.

“It’s kind of like mind over matter, you’ve just got to keep going, no matter what.

“I failed my maths five times, I passed it at the sixth attempt - you just have to keep going, it’s really hard, but it’s just what you need to do.”