A SHEEP that had got itself into a 'perilous' position on a limestone outcrop near Austwick at the weekend had a lucky escape thanks to a climber from the Cave Rescue Organisation.

A team member climbed up to the stranded sheep at just after midday yesterday (Sunday) and got hold of it before getting it to the top of the rock to set it on its way.

A CRO spokesperson said: "A farmer called North Yorkshire Police, requesting CRO’s help, when a sheep became stranded on a limestone outcrop, about 8m from the ground at Feizor Nick.

"The farmers had tried to reach the sheep but its position was described as ‘perilous without professional help’. Concerned that a roped descent to the sheep might cause it to jump, a team member climbed up, then restrained and secured the animal so that it could be assisted to the top and released in safety."

It was the 57th callout for the CRO team so far this year.