The discovery of a cannabis farm in Thornton has led to two arrests.

Officers on the Bradford West force received community intelligence that a property on Market Street was being used for the production of cannabis.

West Yorkshire Police gained entry to the building and found a quantity of cannabis plants and equipment used for drug production.

The drug farm was hidden away on the same street that the Brontë sisters - Charlotte, Emily and Anne - and their brother, Branwell, were born.

Two people who were arrested on cannabis production charges have since been released under investigation.

Enquiries are ongoing, a police spokesperson said.

It comes just weeks after one Bradford councillor expressed the importance of community intelligence in the crackdown against drugs.

Cllr Riaz Ahmed (Bradford Moor, Liberal Democrats) made the comments after police uncovered a cannabis farm while investigating a serious assault.

Officers were called to reports of an attack in Laisterdyke when the cannabis farm was found in a huge warehouse.

Cllr Ahmed said: “It is happening too often [cannabis farms being found around Bradford].

“Most of the properties that they are found in are rented. The landlords should check every so often, especially these industrial premises."

He added: “Unless people report it to the police these crimes are not going to be addressed.”

Police advice on how to spot a cannabis farm

Cannabis farms are found in premises which have been adapted to such an extent that normal usage would be inhibited, West Yorkshire Police says.

You might be able to see items solely concerned for the production of cannabis such as high intensity lighting, ventilation and extractor fans and hydroponics systems.

Cannabis farms pose a serious risk of fire. The electricity meter is often bypassed while overloaded electrical circuits run close to water-filled pipes.

Meanwhile plants grown upstairs in a building can also cause floorboards to rot, risking collapse.

Sometimes the people working in the ‘farms’ are victims of human trafficking and working against their will.