Plans for a £139 million bypass to run under Saltaire could jeopardise its World Heritage Site status, campaigners have warned.

Councillor Martin Love (Shipley), leader of Bradford Council's Green Party group, spoke out against the authority's blueprint after a fresh plea was issued for plans to be pulled.

Coun Love said the status of Saltaire, classed alongside wonders of the world including Egypt's Pyramids and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, is under threat.

He said: "The plans are adjacent to the site and it would have a bad effect on the World Heritage Site. It could endanger the site.

"The status can be put under review. There is one in Germany under review because of a big road bridge which has been built. Not only would the site be in danger, but the fabric of the buildings could be in danger near the underground vibrations."

His views have been echoed by another Shipley ward Councillor Kevin Warnes (Green) and Saltaire Village Society. The West Yorkshire Campaign for Better Transport has also renewed its call for plans to be scrapped.

Saltaire Village Society was formed more than 20 years to campaign against a road being built through Roberts Park.

Now, members again find themselves opposing plans.

Chairman Elaine Gilligan said people in Saltaire found the bypass plans shocking'. She said: "Titus Salt was a visionary man and we think it is about time Bradford Council had a bit of vision to solve our transport problem without impacting on the site.

"We all want the same thing. The idea that the Council is still looking at tunnels and bypasses is not going to help the problem we have got. We just want the Council to be brave and imaginative to solve a complex problem.

"People in Saltaire and the surrounding area are keen to be part of this solution. We have to start somewhere, we have to be brave and forward-looking."

But Shipley Conservative MP Philip Davies accused campaigners of scare-mongering' and said neither he nor the Council would support a scheme that would threaten the historically important village.

He said: "The biggest local concern people contact me about is congestion at Saltaire. I think it would be negligent of the Council not to explore a number of ways to alleviate that problem.

"A bypass is one of the things that should be explored.

"The Council hasn't got the money even if it wanted to carry out the project and if anything does happen. It isn't going to happen for many, many years in the future."

Councillor Anne Hawkesworth, Bradford Council's executive member for environment and culture, said: "Bradford Council supports a number of measures for improved public transport as part of Connecting Airedale.

"We will also continue to look into the transport infrastructure needed to support increased levels of regeneration and economic activity in the district. There are no firm proposals for a Saltaire bypass. Those previously explored were designed to protect the World Heritage Site, improve the transport in the corridor and unlock its potential.

"If we decide to progress on any proposal then there will be extensive consultation with local residents, businesses and other interested parties.

"This will give everyone the opportunity to raise any concerns or objections."

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