PLANS to flatten an old records building at St Luke’s Hospital have been refused due to a lack of information.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust applied for permission to demolish the stone-built block which is now disused at St Luke’s Hospital on Little Horton Lane earlier this Summer.

The plan is to construct a theatre building in its place to improve facilities at the hospital.

The building appears in historical maps from 1890-91.

But this week planning officers at Bradford Council refused the demolition request, criticising a lack of detail.

Officers said: “There is a lack of information with this application, such that it cannot be properly considered.

“Firstly, the application forms states that the means of demolition are ‘to be determined’.

“Secondly, with regard to site restoration, it is stated that: ‘The site will be reduced to foundation level with a temporary protective fence’.

“However, no details of the fence, such as its height or design, have been submitted.”