A BINGLEY farmer has hit out over sky lanterns and their serious risks after finding 11 of them in his field this week.

The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has been campaigning for a total ban on them for several years.

The organisation’s director, Lucinda Douglas, said it was “absolutely incomprehensible” that people would release lanterns – especially at this time of year.

She said it is akin to “fly-tipping fire at random”.

“In the past, we have witnessed the devastating impacts wildfires fires can have, both on rural communities and farmers, as well as scarring the landscape and destroying wildlife,” she said.

“We appeal to the public and farmers to be extra vigilant when out and about in the countryside.”

Farmer Martin Stone of the lanterns: “The hay was dry, in rows and ready to be baled on one of the hottest days ever, in very dry conditions.

“I find it inconceivable that people, without any thought, can let these firebombs go into the sky without knowing where they will land or what damage they could cause.

"You wouldn’t throw a lighted match over the garden fence if you knew it could travel for miles, so why would you release these things?”

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