IN the latest edition of our look back through the T&A picture archives, here are five football teams from the past.

Do you recognise yourself or anyone you know in any of these photos?

Pictured above is Swaine Green - February 1990.

Back row, from the left: Craig Thompson, Arthur Gallagher, Tony Everson, Steve Glenn, Gary Ryan, Stuart Glenn, Tam Stewart. Front row: Neil Ferguson, Nicky Battle, Bobby Doyle, James Raw, Jason Ryan, George Doyle.

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: STANLEY ROAD - 1992STANLEY ROAD - 1992

STANLEY ROAD – 1992: Back row, from the left: Rocky Stirk, Paul Connor, Andy Watmuff, Chris Faunthorpe, Steve Gale, Craig Handby, Paul Clarke. Front row: Keith Baily, Steve Taylor, Simon Mc Govern, Andy Geary, Roy Clarke, Phil Holmes.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: STANLEY ROAD – 1994STANLEY ROAD – 1994

STANLEY ROAD – 1994: Back row, from the left: Roy Clarke, Floyd Peltier, Steve Care, Peter Craven, John White, Paul Elois, Tony Rae, Dennis Lewis, Brenden Ormsby, Mick Rayner (secretary). Front row: Mick Peirse (physio), Steve Daykin, Nigel Smith, Willy Wilson, Darren Thornton, Steve Ball, Dave Fell (manager).

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: SUN HOTEL - 1988SUN HOTEL - 1988

SUN HOTEL - 1988: Back row, from the left: Mick Drake, Steven Douglas, Chris Haynes, Graham Busfield, David Walmsley. Front row: Billy Conlon, Darren O’Donnell, Gary Syeane, Tommy Hanbury.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: SWING GATE - 1994SWING GATE - 1994

SWING GATE – 1994: Back row, from the left: Paul Ferguson, Dave Boyce, Steve Wilson, Paul Wladarz, Alan Hardy, Paul Clarke, Paul Topham, Andy Taylor. Front row: Steve Daykin, Nigel Winkles, Mark Goodison, Colin Dunne, Martin Capper.

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