RESIDENTS have hit out at Bradford Council after the surface-dressing of a road left villagers living in "dust bowl" conditions.

Residents in Cross Roads, near Haworth, are upset by the amount of dust generated after the Council carried out surface-dressing on Sunday morning along a stretch of Halifax Road (A629), leaving behind road chippings and dust in its wake.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Big vehicles have been generating a lot of dust after surface-dressing work in Cross RoadsBig vehicles have been generating a lot of dust after surface-dressing work in Cross Roads

Cross Roads resident Irene Feather contacted the Telegraph & Argus on Monday to explain what it has been like for residents living in 'dust bowl' conditions.

"It's a fine dust that is horrendous and beyond unacceptable," she said. "Surely something can be done.

"It's like a sandstorm all day long."

She called on the council to come and damp down the road to reduce dust generated by lorries and vehicles travelling through the 20mph speed limit area.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A car covered in thick dustA car covered in thick dust

Jayne Gibbin, owner of Halifax Road business Steptoe Ted, said today: "It's been terrible with all the dust we've been breathing in.

"Everywhere is thick with dust. There were mums and kids coughing and spluttering while they were walking to school yesterday morning.

"People have been saying they've never seen it so bad. They've created a lot of filthy dust.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A bin covered in dustA bin covered in dust

"It's a busy road and drivers are supposed to be going 20mph with the chippings. But some have definitely been speeding.

"This morning we've had the road sweepers up and down, but the fact of the matter is it's a day too late."

Jayne posted a message on her Steptoe Ted Facebook page calling Halifax Road an "absolute joke" and "one big dust bowl".

She also wrote that "everything is covered in dust" including cars and homes.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The entryway of a home is covered in dustThe entryway of a home is covered in dust

The message has already received more than 35 responses from supportive residents, one of whom compared it to "walking through a bag of flour".

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “It is normal for some dust to be generated following surface-dressing works.

“The dust levels have reduced now that the initial sweep has taken place and the road will bed in over the next couple of days.

“A follow-up sweep will then take place and this should further reduce levels of dust.”

Cllr Rebecca Poulsen (Cons, Worth Valley) said: "I really sympathise with residents but it's a very messy process. It doesn't help that's it been warm and dry.

"The council does it to maintain the length of service of the road. Once it's full of potholes it's too late."

Cllr Chris Herd (Cons, Worth Valley) said: "It's part and parcel of it. How do you do it without making a mess? You need to allow it to settle."


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