Priti Patel will reportedly create a so-called “league table” of nations based on their level of co-operation in accepting criminals and failed asylum seekers from the UK.

The table will be used to pressure countries to agree to individual return deals, according to The Times, with those who refuse to take back their own foreign criminals and illegal immigrants to face sanctions.

Additionally, powers available via the Nationality and Borders Act (NABA) which came into force last Tuesday (June 28) will allow the Home Secretary to suspend visa applications for citizens from those countries, imposing a £190 surcharge on their applications or increase visa processing times.

The table will show those countries – such as Albania, Nigeria and Poland – which are more willing to accept back criminals and failed asylum seekers in the hope that doing so encourages other countries to follow suit.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The scheme will attempt to put off asylum seekers attempting to cross into the UK (PA)The scheme will attempt to put off asylum seekers attempting to cross into the UK (PA) (Image: PA)

The Times said the visa penalties will apply to all aspects of the visa service including study, work, visitor and settlement visas.

This news comes after a deal was agreed earlier in the year to send failed asylum seekers to Rwanda in a bid to deter people from crossing the Channel in small boats.

The NABA’s measures, which received royal assent in April, include tougher penalties for those who pilot a small boat or smuggle migrants into the UK by other dangerous or illegal means, with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

The maximum penalty for illegally entering the UK or overstaying a visa has increased from six months to four years in prison, with other measures in place over asylum applications and new powers for authorities to search vessels for migrants.