Some UK cinemas have banned groups of young people wearing suits during screenings of Minions: The Rise Of Gru.

The decision comes after some young moviegoers were criticised for rowdy behaviour after a viral trend erupted on the social media app TikTok.

It is not clear where the trend originated but the #gentleminions videos show suited groups attending the screenings and copying the main character, supervillain Felonius Gru, and his signature hand gesture.

In the videos, which have racked up millions of views on the app, groups can be seen celebrating “the five-year wait is over”.


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Some even took bananas to snack on during the screenings, referencing the favourite food of Gru’s yellow helpers, called Minions.

What is the Minions movie TikTok trend?

If you haven't seen the weird viral moment for yourself, the trend involves teenage boys dressing up in suits and lining up for the new Minions movie.

In the clips, the teenagers have swapped out their day to clothes for smart tailored clothing just like the film's main character Gro (voiced by Steve Carell).

The craze also features the boys clasping their hands together, just like Gru, as well as standing to applause when the film ends.


After the film's release, Universal Pictures responded to the emergence of the trend on Twitter, writing: "to everyone showing up to @Minions in suits: we see you and we love you."

Cinemas ban teens over Minions movie TikTok trend

Some of the viral videos show those taking part cheering and clapping loudly and being disruptive during screenings, leading to some UK cinemas to enforce dress code restrictions.

One independent cinema in Wadebridge, Cornwall, has banned any unaccompanied children who are wearing suits from watching the film.

In a statement posted on Twitter, The Regal wrote: “We are currently not admitting unaccompanied children wearing suits for ‘Minions: The Rise Of Gru’.

“This is due to the issues we have encountered over the last two days and it’s associated behaviour.”

A spokesperson for Odeon cinemas told the PA news agency: “Due to a small number of incidents in our cinemas over the weekend we have had to restrict access in some circumstances.”