A COUNCILLOR says vandals are making life miserable for people in his ward.

Councillor Brendan Stubbs (Lib Dem, Eccleshill) said the BD2 and BD10 areas of the city have been plagued by bus attacks, fires, vandalism and more – and people have had enough.

Despite that catalogue of misery, West Yorkshire Police initially offered no comment when the T&A asked the force about residents’ complaints.

Fed-up council chiefs are hoping they can engage with the force to find a way to make meaningful changes to standards of behaviour throughout the district.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Damage to buses over the Easter weekendDamage to buses over the Easter weekend

They have given the go-ahead for a wide-ranging review into the problems and what can be done.

And they hope to work with police - as well as other agencies - to find a solution.

The Bradford district-wide review into anti-social behaviour has been launched following a ‘call to action’ to Bradford Council’s Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

At a meeting last week Cllr Stubbs spoke of the horrendous toll anti-social behaviour has taken. People have seen bus attacks; swimming pool staff being assaulted; shops, businesses and even a foodbank and Bradford Industrial Museum damaged; intimidating behaviour; drug use; bad driving and ‘no-go’ areas for adults and children.

“It is relentless, it is wearing, and it is miserable,” he told his fellow councillors. 

“I have spoken to people in tears because they see no solution to behaviour outside their door.”

After the meeting, he said: “Local people are tired, stressed and disillusioned, they want their neighbourhoods back and those ruining their lives brought to justice.

“Over the past year I have worked with police, the council and others to find solutions to the problem and unfortunately none of the interventions so far have had a lasting impact. It has been a real nightmare for too many.

“Representing Eccleshill I want to focus on the many positives that 99 per cent of people contribute to our community. 

“However, increasingly I have had to spend so much time dealing with anti-social behaviour. 

“Local people deserve better and currently they are not getting it.

“Communication between police, council and bus companies is breaking down, there are difficulties gathering evidence and with services stretched these organisations simply must do better.”

Cllr Stubbs claimed it had been “almost impossible” to retrieve evidence from First Bus for any of the bus attacks, which the Telegraph & Argus has reported extensively on.

A spokesperson for First Bus said the firm always acts “promptly” to requests for CCTV to assist investigations but said there are time limits on the availability of footage.

The spokesperson added: “We continue to work closely with the local community, councillors and the police in finding a way to end this anti-social behaviour.”

Councillor Nazam Azam, chair of the committee, said of the review: “Anti-social behaviour causes such distress to residents. 

“The decent majority in all our communities are understandably sick and tired of it blighting their lives.

“All councillors get a lot of casework on this subject, I know a lot of work is already taking place and I know people in every corner of the district would also welcome any new solutions to help us and the police tackle it whilst looking at how we prevent it in the first place.”

He said he would be speaking to police regarding the review and would be looking to gather as many views as possible from people across the district.

“I am encouraging councillors of all political parties and from all wards to get involved and contribute to this review on behalf of their residents,” he said.

Councillor Abdul Jabar, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety, added: “Anti-social behaviour causes great distress to residents who are affected by it so I welcome the committee undertaking this review into antisocial behaviour across the district.

“As a partnership we need to do everything possible to tackle this blight and build safe neighbourhoods and strong communities.”

Chief Inspector Bash Anwar of Neighbourhood Policing for Bradford District said: “Tackling anti-social behaviour is a priority for police in Bradford.

“We work closely in partnership with Bradford Council and other partners to tackle this type of behaviour.

“We are happy to support any process which involves engaging with local residents and respond to their concerns.”