BRADFORD is the third-best place in the UK for hay fever sufferers – according to research from a biophilic design agency.

Exubia analysed 100 towns and cities across the country, assessing wind speeds, maximum temperature and average rainfall from May to July, the months people suffer from hay fever the most.

It also used local authority data to find out the grass cover and tree cover of each area.  

As tree pollen and grass pollen are the two most common causes of hay fever, this gives a good indication of how bad the pollen count will be in the area.

Towns and cities were then given scores from 1-100 and an overall rank. 

The lower the score, the better the location for hay fever sufferers, Exubia said.

Bradford was ranked 37 out of 100 for its tree cover, 68 for grass cover, 5 for aridity, 43 for breeziness and 9 for heat, giving it an overall score of 162.

The best place for hay fever suffers - according to the study - was Rochdale, which had an overall score of 105, followed by Glasgow, at 150.

Exubia said: “Despite the fantastic access to public green space that residents of Bradford have access to, the city’s climate that it a perfect haven for hay fever sufferers.”