TWO males were arrested following a successful police operation on a Bradford estate.

Yesterday, police were out in force taking action on those who had committed crimes in Holme Wood.

One arrest involved the driver of a silver BMW.

The vehicle was seized for no insurance, and the driver was suspected to be over the limit for cocaine. He was released pending blood results.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The BMW that was seizedThe BMW that was seized

The second arrest was a male who was wanted for dog theft in Leeds last year.

He was arrested on suspicion of supply offences after being found with a large quantity of suspected cannabis, which was seized.

A third male was dealt with for possession of cannabis by way of a community resolution notice - a low-level documented warning for personal use possession. 

Another vehicle was seized, five-stop searches for multiple articles were conducted and nine intelligence reports were also submitted.

On Tuesday night, a spokesperson from the force added: "Another proactive operation has taken place this evening in Holme Wood. 

"Officers from West Yorkshire Police - Bradford South Neighbourhood Policing Team continue to attack criminality in the Holme Wood Estate following many concerns raised by local residents. 

"The NPT was deployed in partnership with colleagues from Roads Policing and Patrol.

"A successful evening resulted in arrests, stop searches, drug seizures and a drug driver being taken off the streets as well as vehicles seized where the drivers could not care less about insurance protecting other road users. 

"Thanks is given to the community who provide us with information to allow us to take action against those involved in crime."

Tong Ward Councillor Matt Edwards (Green) lauded police for taking action in his ward once again and encouraged Bradford Council to do likewise.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Cllr Matt Edwards is pleased to see police take action in Holme WoodCllr Matt Edwards is pleased to see police take action in Holme Wood

He said: “This is the second time in a few weeks that the police have carried out a successful operation in Holme Wood to address a small minority of people who are making the lives of local people miserable.

“The police have my full support in these operations and I know many local residents are grateful for this added pressure on groups.

"It is a clear message that if you want to drive around the estate like an idiot then you won’t get away with it.

“But it is really important that Bradford Council match this action from the police with practical steps including providing activities for young people to keep them out of trouble.”