A BRADFORD MP has urged Government to offer extra support to businesses faced with soaring inflation and rising energy prices.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said a Government support package during the pandemic offered a lifeline to many, but many businesses still were concerned about the future.

Speaking in Treasury Questions, Mr Davies suggested cutting taxes to ease the burden.

Mr Davies said: “Many businesses are struggling with very high energy bills and I wonder if the Chancellor would consider giving support to businesses, preferably through cutting their taxes.

“It would be a tragedy if the Chancellor were to keep all of those businesses going at huge cost throughout the pandemic only to see them come a cropper after the pandemic because of the inflationary cost pressures caused by those lockdowns.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “Philip mentioned tax cuts, I hope he can reassure his small businesses that this year they are benefitting from two specific tax cuts, one of business rates which is delivering about a £5,000 cut in business rates for a typical pub, but also a £1,000 tax cut on National Insurance contributions.”

Mr Davies also pressed the Chancellor to reduce fuel duty further after his five pence per litre reduction earlier in the year.