A BRADFORD business is aiming to expand further by employing even more staff before the end of the year.

Complete IT Systems Ltd, which deals with computer support and services, has been in operation for 15 years.

Founders Ben Gregg and Paul Spence faced a challenge when they started their business, which is now based at Mid Point in Thornbury, in the midst of a global recession in 2007.

But they came through that period and have since opened three other offices - in Glasgow (2013), Leicester (2018) and Swansea (2022) - and employ more than 50 people.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: With co-founder Paul Spence, Mr Gregg has been leading Complete IT Systems Ltd since 2007.With co-founder Paul Spence, Mr Gregg has been leading Complete IT Systems Ltd since 2007.

As they continue to grow, they are now looking to bring onboard the next generation in the form of apprentices.

Explaining what is needed, Mr Gregg, who has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, said: "The art of communication is key.

"With social media so pivotal these days, people do not communicate as they did. We want people to be out there building relationships.

"I have interviewed teenagers in the past and they have just provided me with one-word answers, which is not ideal in a sales job.

"The process of sales has not changed, it is still similar but more mediums are at play."

The Sales Director added: "Hard work pays its dividends. Work harder and smarter than being a busy fool.

"You need the desire and willingness to learn and grow.

"A bit of luck by being in the right place at the right time also helps.

"Our USP at Complete IT Systems Ltd is our staff and team. They are the bread and butter of the business."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mr Gregg's business currently has four offices across the UKMr Gregg's business currently has four offices across the UK

Growing up in Bradford Moor before a move to Undercliffe, Mr Gregg has always stayed true to his roots by working out of his hometown.

With Bradford gaining the City of Culture title for 2025, the former Hanson School pupil feels businesses should now capitalise on this.

Mr Gregg added: "There's a lot of businesses in Bradford but they have head offices elsewhere.

"It is a shame as its heritage is an industrial city. We are like the noisy neighbour to Leeds.

"I see no reason why more businesses don't base themselves out of Bradford.

"As a national company, we could have gone anywhere but I am a Bradfordian, so choose to stay here.

"I hope the City of Culture win can now encourage more businesses to come to Bradford."