THE Telegraph & Argus has opened this online book of condolence to bring together tributes following the death of Bradford headteacher Jeremy Richardson.

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Jeremy Richardson, who was headteacher at Beckfoot Thornton, off Leaventhorpe Lane, Thornton, died today following a cycling accident, the school announced in a statement this afternoon.

Mr Richardson, who leaves behind a wife and three children, has been described as "a great leader and a wonderful man" as well as "a much-loved husband and father".

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"Leave your tributes and messages of condolence for headteacher Jeremy Richardson"

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From Community contributor

Your tribute:Students, staff and parents all look to a head teacher to lead, a leader to be strong and confident, Jeremy Richardson did this with ease, but also with compassion and care which is the difference between been a good leader and a fantastic leader. He had time for everyone alike and what made him unique and special was how he would treat each individual the same irregardless of whom that was, most who get to a position of power can sometimes forget where they came from and behave towards others in a patronising way with a sense of hierarchy but Jeremy remained as grounded as I have ever known anyone to do so, never during any conversation did I feel him talk down to me and neither did my son. My son has a love for maths and he had many a conversation over maths and equations, a true reflection of his character is that my son said once Mr Richardson is so intelligent we was discussing this in maths today when he came and we had a race on this equation he won, I got it wrong and he got it correct but he never made me feel stupid. He was more than a leader, he was a role model for all, his passion, compassion and his natural ability to lead will be sorely missed but above anything I am thankful for the time he has spent leading my child and for the qualities he has passed on to my child. I send my thoughts to his family and staff and students. Mr Richardson you were a true gentleman and one of a kind, I hope you have found peace.

From Catherine Mcneill

Your tribute:I had the pleasure of delivering sessions in Beckfoot for the past few years. Each time I came in Mr Richardson would welcome myself and our volunteers with open arms, always thanking us for giving up our time to come and work with his students. He would devote time to make us all feel welcome, the only headteacher to do this. He would embrace any new project, always looking for new ways for his students to engage with employers. We will never forget him he was a trailblazer and a huge hole will be left in Beckfoot. My heart goes out to all students and staff he will be sadly missed. Condolences to his family may he rest in peace xxx

From Siobhan Duane

Your tribute:Mr Richardson, truly devastated, you were taken away so soon. You were an absolute pleasure to work for, one of the nicest people I have ever met. My deepest condolences go to your family. May you rest in eternal peace. ❤️

From Kirsty parker

Your tribute:Deeply saddened to hear of the passing of a great head teacher. He turned around Beckfoot Thornton . I remember my first conversation with him asking him was he there for the long haul, and he told me he would be there til he retired.....sending condolances to his loved ones.

From Community contributor

Your tribute:If you stopped to imagine a headteacher. A person who cares deeply about the students and the school. A person who was so dedicated to improving the lives of young people, you'd imagine Jeremy. This is a tragic loss to all who knew him.

From Soha Waheed

Your tribute:It's awful how someone so kind and someone who influenced so many lives is gone. My family sends our condolences to his loved ones - we can't imagine how heartbroken you must be. ❤

From Rachel Thresh

Your tribute:During my 20 years at Thornton Grammar/Beckfoot I saw first-hand the positive influence and improvement Mr Richardson made in so many ways. My latest role as a food technician led to me seeing more of him in his hunt for sweet snacks. I will miss him dearly and just want to say what an absolute pleasure it was to have known him. Such a tragic loss to us all, especially his family and friends, my thoughts are with them. He will be missed so much x

From Kelly Tatlock

Your tribute:Jeremy, you were a kind and selfless person, and a wonderful leader with absolute integrity. I will never forget you giving me your time, feedback and support. My thoughts are with your family, colleagues and students. Rest in Peace.

From Janet Newell

Your tribute:I never got the chance to meet this gentleman, but anyone who gives their all to improve the lives of others deserves to be remembered in the highest honour. May your soul rest in eternal peace and your legacy live on xx

From Community contributor

Your tribute:We are sending our condolences to our Lily headteacher Jeremy Richardson and his family at this sad time. He was a gentleman. Jeremy Richardson RlP 🙏😇🙏😇

From Emily Hutchinson

Your tribute:I trained at Beckfoot Thornton and he was always extremely supportive and always made time for me. Thank you for all of your help.

From Community contributor

Your tribute:Such a sad loss of an amazing human being who transformed Beckfoot Thornton into a caring and friendly environment in which to learn. May you rest in peace Mr Richardson.. My thoughts go out to your family and friends and all the students and staff at Beckfoot Thornton.

From Maisie Leigh Murley

Your tribute:You was the best headteacher we could've ever asked for and we will miss you so so so so so so so much. You did not deserve this and I hope all of your family is doing alright - from Maisie Leigh Murley

From Julia Lowell

Your tribute:I am so sorry to hear this. I remember Mr Richardson fondly from my time at Kettlethorpe High School. Such a lovely man and an amazing teacher. One of the best. Sending my condolences to his family and friends. RIP Sir. X


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Me and Mr Richardson. Approx 1987. My Kettlethorpe High School leaving day.Me and Mr Richardson. Approx 1987. My Kettlethorpe High School leaving day. UGC (contributions)

From Unknown

Your tribute:The best headteacher I ever had, always had the time for each and every student. You gave the school the brightest future and that legacy will be carried on for many years

From Shazia Awan

Your tribute:Words cannot express the shock and pain felt of this tragic loss. My heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with his, family, friends and the entire school community. Massive loss to the entire education sector. I was fortunate to have worked under Jeremy's leadership, leaving the academy end of last year, for a new career path. Jeremy had a great impact not only on transforming BTA for the better but had an innate passion for allowing opportunities for interactive learning. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by the wonderful man, great leader, and inspirer and will be in awe forever of his belief and confidence in me, to establish the School Radio. A huge legacy left behind by such a well-respected headteacher. R.I.P SIR.

From Michael Best

Your tribute:Condolences go out to his family and teaching staff, at this sad time. Attended Thornton Grammar School early 80's

From Wendy Morfill

Your tribute:Mr Richardson was a wonderful headteacher and the children in his school were never just a number or a grade but an individual, which is rare in education these days. Mu daughter attends Beckfoot Thornton and is absolutely devastated by the loss of her brilliant headteacher. My heart felt condolences goes out to all that knew and loved Mr Richardson but especially to his wife and children. But I hope they find comfort in the fact that he was a much loved and respected gentleman.

From Sarah cotton

Your tribute:Im so sorry to hear this ive got a kid who goes to this school an he was such a great head teacher i was gutted to find out yesterday about his accident an passing away, the school wont be same without him there


Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Im so sorry to hear this ive got a kid who goes to this school an he was such a great head teacher i was gutted to find out yesterday about his accident an passing away, the school wont be same without him thereIm so sorry to hear this ive got a kid who goes to this school an he was such a great head teacher i was gutted to find out yesterday about his accident an passing away, the school wont be same without him there UGC (contributions)

From Community contributor

Your tribute:We only met him briefly as my older 2 children had left the school before he started. My youngest was in the DSP and he was very kind and took an interest in her wellbeing, before she moved onto Special school for Post 16. So sorry for all his family, staff and pupils.

From Valeem Irshad

Your tribute:Such a wonderful person and headmaster he was. May Allah give him gardens of paradise our thoughts are with family and friends 🤲🤲🤲🤲

From Lewis Hanson, Casey Hanson

Your tribute:Such devastating news, You were a great head of school at Beckfoot Thornton, you will be sadly missed by all. R.I.P Sir

From Sophie hunter

Your tribute:When I first heard the heartbreaking news of his passing, I broke down crying, we have lost a spectacular leader, and a devoted and resilient man, thoughts go to his family.....

From Emma

Your tribute:A wonderful human being, the most understanding and supportive Head Teacher. May you rest in peace Sir.

From Community contributor

Your tribute:You will be sadly missed, my thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.

From Community contributor

Your tribute:An amazing human being! Not only an outstanding Headteacher but a witty, caring, intelligent family man. You have transformed Beckfoot Thornton into a place that students, parents and staff are once again proud to be a part of. Our loss is deep but, we will continue on this journey with you in our hearts. Goodbye and God bless.

From Kelly

Your tribute:You were an inspiration, a true leader with every child at the heart of everything you did. You made a difference to so many and have left a huge void. Strength and prayers to your family, friends and colleagues.

From Beckie Hague

Your tribute:My daughter is in the dsp ( special needs department) at the school . What an amazing head , He will be missed by so many children parents and staff . Every morning he was out side greeting the children and encouraging in to school . And on the evening could be seen chatting to the students at as they left . He always was so kind and caring towards the children, my daughter often used to tell me he come to find her to say happy birthday , she was so excited by him doing this ,. Or well done with your work its fantastic , Evan. I love your new hair style .it really suits you . Your kindness will never be forgotten . Sending our love to all the children at the school and staff . And sending our love to your family at this heartbreaking time .

From Lusanda N

Your tribute:We have lost an amazing man, Mr Richardson was a good and very polite Headteacher. The loss is unbearable my daughter has always spoken highly of him and I have met and spoken to him several times what a legend 💙. Sending my condolences to his family and his students and everyone , he will be missed so much am so devastated. Rest In Peace Sir!!

From Lina Burnley

Your tribute:A truly good man who strove to give every child the feeling that they mattered. His leadership at DYCA created the most respectful atmosphere for staff and students the school had ever had in my time there. Just a wonderful human being.

From Natalie moorhouse

Your tribute:Such a lovely, caring gentleman. He was such an amazing head teacher and will be sorely missed, made such a huge difference to the school. Thank you for everything you did for our children. RIP Mr Richardson

From Unknown

Your tribute:So sad to here about the loss may he rest in piece 😢

From Unknown

Your tribute:So sad to here about the loss may he rest in piece 😢

From Jade Lally

Your tribute:Jeremy was an incredible headteacher and I will always remember his immense leadership skills, kindness and warmth. I will always thankful Jeremy for believing me at the start of my teaching journey. He will always be in my heart. My deepest condolences go to his family.

From Kai

Your tribute:RIP Mr Richardson. You will be missed

From Unknown

Your tribute:He was such an amazing headteacher he never bothered anyone always the good people we lose rip sir

From Caroline whitaker

Your tribute:Thank you for all you have done for the pupils at Beckfoot Thornton, including my daughter who has actually left school today. The news has upset her just like the rest of the school. Thank you for turning the school around. You will be sadly missed.

From Gareth

Your tribute:Worked with Jeremy at DYCA, Such a kind honest human, not many left in the world but Jeremy was special. I can honestly say his leadership was as good if not better than any I have seen in my 30+ years military career. So sad. I am honestly gutted. 🥺

From Community contributor

Your tribute:What a great loss. Sincere condolences to the family he left behind.

From Community contributor

Your tribute:I am in shock. A truly wonderful man who made a difference in the world. You will be missed. Thank you for everything RIP. Love to all your family and friends during this incredibly hard time. ❤️

From Armaan Khan

Your tribute:A great motivator for me as I use to go every Thursday to his office to show my homework of the week and get his appraisal with a big smile on his face and “well done” followed by sweets and chocolate as a prize for being a homework hero. He will be missed. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. A great loss for the school and students.

From Community contributor

Your tribute:RIP sir

From Hazel Auty

Your tribute:So tragic and sad, such a massive loss of a wonderful Head Master. He made such a difference, my son (Yr 8 Student @ Beckfoot) and I are devastated and my thoughts are with his family, friends and students. Xxx

From Tommy Karl Walker

Your tribute:He was a proper nice headteacher.

From Morgan Farrell

Your tribute:So sad to hear about Mr Richardson, you were the best headteacher for our school! R.I.P you will be dearly missed ❤️

From Mohammed Ashfaq

Your tribute:A very tragic loss not only to the school but the whole community. My deepest condolences to the school and his whole family.

From Barbara Collins

Your tribute:I'm so devastated about your passing Jeremy you were an absolutely amazing head teacher you made Beckfootthornton a fantastic school, you will be truly missed by all, God bless you x sincere condolences to Mrs Richardson and your family such a tragedy RIP Babs Collins retired SEN 🙏 😢 X

From Lisa Gallagher

Your tribute:My daughter is a pupil at Beckfoot Thornton and Mr Richardson's loss will be deeply felt by everyone in the school and everyone who's life he played his part in shaping. He was a great headmaster, an inspiration to his pupils and he will leave a lasting legacy in many young lives. It is truly sad and my thoughts are with all who knew him and his family.

From Hannah Wilkinson

Your tribute:He was an amazing head teacher, he was always there to uplift others and always had their best interest. He was such a kind soul. I hope his legacy can be passed on. He was a beautiful person inside and out.

From Sema Khan

Your tribute:What a wonderful man and a massive loss to his family and the school. My daughter started at the same time he did and I remember his first speech to parents and young people, he was so inspiring. He gave me hope for the education of my daughter, which today was her last day and he had fulfilled his promise to us. I am so sorry for this tragic accident my thoughts and prayers are with all those he had an impact on and most of all to his family. XX

From Nicole Sibanda

Your tribute:He was an amazing man & i am so thankful that he was the headteacher of my school, my prayers go out to his family & friends. May he rest in peace❤️🙏🏽

From Community contributor

Your tribute:Mr Richardson was an excellent headmaster and has taken Beckfoot Thornton to new heights. It is a school I am proud to work for thanks to all the changes he put in place. We hope this will carry on. I Have worked there 3 years and he was always kind and polite to everyone. He will be sadly missed by everyone xx

From Claire Dyas Kovacs

Your tribute:So very sad to read this. I only met him once while working at the school and he left a strong impression on me, especially how he led the Remembrance Day event. Condolences to his family and those who knew him x

From Community contributor

Your tribute:I am very sorry to hear about the loss of my son's headteacher. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

From Mrs Mushtaq

Your tribute:I want to convey my sincere condolences to the whole community at Beckfoot Trust, particularly the staff and students at Beckfoot Thornton. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Richardson a few times, at Open Evenings & Parents' Evenings for my children over the years. He was always very pleasant and helpful, willing to listen to any ideas and working for the betterment of the school and students. My family's thoughts are with you all at this devastating time, it really is such a huge loss to the students, colleagues and most of all his family. We will remember Mr Richardson fondly and hope everyone gets through this difficult time.

From Jane Eagle

Your tribute:Remembering a wonderful man and an inspirational leader. I am grateful to have worked alongside him, mentored by him and inspired by him. Jeremy Richardson - a true gentleman and legend. ♥️

From Community contributor

Your tribute:Going to miss his face in the corridors whenever a somewhat dull lesson was to begin. Made a sombre morning into a vibrant one. RIP to a legend 🙌💔

From Parveen

Your tribute:So sad to hear about Mr Richardson my thoughts go to the family

From Penny McDermott

Your tribute:It is with sadness that I hear of the loss of Mr Richardson. He was very well repected as a head teacher. He was dedicated and hard working, whilst being a very kind and gentle person. My thoughts are with his family and both staff and children at school. He will be very much missed.

From Danyal Khan

Your tribute:Was a great head teacher prayers going out to his family 🙏

From Sabia Khan

Your tribute:I was deeply saddened and very shocked to hear this news. Mr Richardson made an incredible impact on the school where my 3 children attended years ago, they too were shocked about this. His contributions towards school and his speeches at parent meetings were very motivating. A very big loss to Beckfoot Thornton, my thoughts are with the family at this tragic time

From unknown

Your tribute:So sad to hear about Mr Richardson loss

From Robert Micheal Greenwood

Your tribute:Wow so hard to believe he turned this school around full circle in every way..going to be so hard to replace him..good night god bless

From Tyler Robinson

Your tribute:Dear Family and loved ones of Jeremy R, all my support is for your family and friends in this hard time. Rest in peace and rest well to one of my best head teachers

From Simon Atkin

Your tribute:A wonderful gentleman. Only knew him for a short time but it was clear from first contact that he was caring, well liked and a real leader. Condolences to his family at this sad time.