LOCAL film makers have been given the opportunity to produce cutting-edge short films thanks to grants awarded by Channel 4 and Bradford Council.

Films about eating disorders, the traveller community and racial identity have all been awarded funding through the ‘UNHEARD, UNSEEN, UNSAYABLE’ programme.

The £50,000 pot of funding was set up to allow Bradford filmmakers to produce new, cutting-edge works.

Successful filmmakers will be offered support from Channel 4 and The Unit – a new creative support hub in Little Germany.

Most of the filming will take place in Bradford, and employ local people.

Some of the successful applications include:

• Casey Bernice Shaw's Sons & Daughters of Subculture is a documentary short film that explores communities born from music-led subcultures of Northern Soul, Reggae and Punk, which found faith in Bradford’s spirited venues. 

• In a world where kids act like adults and adults act like kids, Youthless, a short drama by Jordon Scott Kennedy, is a one-day snapshot of three 13-year-olds on the last day of their childhoods. Shot in black and white, its pays homage to social documentary photographer Tish Murtha.

• Danny Hardaker’s Scrap will be a documentary capturing the thoughts, feelings, and stories of young traveller men with a passion for horses who are involved in rag and bone work.

• Imagine If Black Boys Just Smiled at Each Other – a documentary drama by Kenton Thomas where black men discuss their experiences of encountering other black men on the street.

• Me & The Witch by Kamal Kaan will be a comedy exploring what happens when two people from two different backgrounds meet in Bradford.

• Documentary In Crisis by Sally Ogden will follow the twists and turns of crisis care through individuals’ stories at varying crisis points.

• If’s, But’s and Two Coconuts by K2 Media’s Ajay Bangar and Vishal Ram will be a comedy documentary exploring what it means to belong to a culture.

• Suman Hanif ‘s A happy ending will be a provocative dark comedy about a disappointed woman in her thirties coming to terms with her five-year marital orgasm drought played out in a reality court show.

• Blood From A Stone, a short animation by Charles Humphreys about body dysmorphia and eating disorders. The film follows Lyndon ‘Beefy’ Skinner, a young professional boxer, where the weight cut is the real fight.

• Paul Says Hi, a documentary by James Thompson about a cross-dressing cosplayer who uses their hobby to cope with their disability.

4Studio Digital Development Producer Ally McCrae said: “Channel 4 has an amazing history of supporting emerging filmmakers and content-creators.

“We exist to let voices be heard, to entertain viewers and maybe even make some change for audiences everywhere, with ideas realised, from the most exciting new talent – and that’s exactly what we are hoping to support and grow with this award, we are excited to see what these awards lead to.”