Bradford-based Morrisons has announced it is selling ice pops for dogs to help keep them cool this summer.

Costing £5 for a pack of six, the Woof & Brew Ice Pops are made with natural, herbal ingredients and developed in partnership with vets to ensure they are suitable for four-legged friends.

Customers with canines can save 20 per cent by heading to Morrisons to pick up a pack this week.

Dog charity Blue Cross says keeping dogs cool in hot weather is necessary to avoid them suffering from heatstroke.

As dogs can’t sweat through their skin like humans they rely on panting and releasing heat through their paws and noses to regulate their body temperature.

The charity advises that during the summer months dog owners should take preventative steps including walking their pet early in the morning and late evening and always carrying water, never leaving them in the car even with the windows open and making cooling tasty ice cube treats.

Jaymie Broughton, Morrisons pet care and treats buyer, said: “With the summer predicted to be a hot one, we want to help customers look after their pets and ensure that no-one misses out on having fun in the sun.”