THE second episode of the controversial BBC series Bradford On Duty aired on screens up and down the country last night.

During this latest showing, named "The Greater Good", homelessness, street drinking and cannabis farms were the subjects highlighted.

The star of this week's show was Tom Greenwood, a PCSO who has patrolled the streets of Bradford for many years.

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Tom, the self-labelled dad of the team, takes mentee Wokciech Drop under his wing.

Wojciech, who had been a PCSO for two months at this time, said: "I always used to avoid Bradford like the plague, hearing all these stories, but now I'm in the police it is a fun place to be.

"People just get thrown away in Bradford and no one looks after them. Probably shouldn’t say that because I’m in the police but it’s a reality."

Most of their focus was on cannabis farms, given that 1,013 were dismantled by West Yorkshire Police last year.

When commenting on one street, Tom said: "There were two cannabis farms above that shop, a massive one covering the whole top floor of that building over there, the top floor of another building was a cannabis farm, the shop opposite sells all the equipment to set up a cannabis farm and the shop across there sells all the seeds to set up a cannabis farm. Welcome to Bradford."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bradford PCSO Tom Greenwood discovers a multimillion pound cannabis farm.Bradford PCSO Tom Greenwood discovers a multimillion pound cannabis farm.

"Holy s**t balls," was their reaction to one mill that contained a multimillion pound operation of 30 rooms filled with cannabis plants.

It appeared that those arrested were squatting on the top floor, almost like slaves, living out of sleeping bags and using a toilet put in with expanding foam.

Tom added: "These people are locked in, they won’t leave. At least now they’re with us and hopefully, we can get them back to their families. They are not criminals, they are victims."

Luckily, the production was pounced upon before the plants were ready to crop, "we win this time but most of the time they win," was the sad reality.

Tom concluded: "I have done 50-60 of these farms, a busy month is two or three.

"We should have a proper team set up. Legalise and regulate this and it just stops because there is no value. Let us focus on the Class A drugs."

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The Bradford Homeless Outreach Partnership, established by the Council in 2020, featured heavily.

Richard Moor, Clare Flannigan and the team did some great work in helping a homeless Latvian man called Guntars get back home.

He was living under the arches, on the way down to Forster Square, and originally smelled of rotten flesh after using a sleeping bag to cover a stab wound.

Guntars arrived a year ago from his homeland and it was believed he had been a victim of gang exploitation.

The team took him off the street by gaining temporary accommodation and, in the end, arranged a flight home for him.

Richard said: ‘It’s a good ending. He hasn’t seen his family in three or four years."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: PCSO Susan McLaughlin tackled the issue of street drinking in the episode.PCSO Susan McLaughlin tackled the issue of street drinking in the episode.

Elsewhere, PCSO Susan McLaughlin, a Canadian who immigrated to Bradford with the father of children 27 years ago, found a man called John sleeping in a car park cabin.

She reminded him that sticking his hands down his throat and vomiting on the windows of a beauty salon was "not on".

The issue of begging was also touched upon. The crime was seen taken place by a man called Jordan on Leeds Road who was just out of rehab.

Bradford city centre was the main hotbed for street drinking on the show.

Police Constable Toni Ramsden was busy at work dealing with a drunk man who was causing aggravation on the street.

As he was screaming "I have been abused all my life", he spat at Toni, called her a s**g and assaulted emergency workers before being taken to custody in a police van.

Over to Keighley and Susan, with the help of Public Space Protection Officer Paul Lind, was seizing alcohol from street drinkers after people had been seen urinating and defecating in the town centre.

Yesterday's show is available on the BBC iPlayer. Tune in to BBC Two at 9pm next Thursday to watch episode three.