DOES anyone remember this Bradford amusement arcade, I asked a couple of weeks ago. And it seems that quite a lot of you do!

On January 9, 1969 the T&A reported: “What must be one of the most sumptuous amusement lounges in the provinces has been opened by Scotia Amusements Ltd, a subsidiary of Mecca Ltd, at the Wardley Centre in Little Horton Lane, Bradford. Its name, Diamond Horseshoe, is in coloured lights stretching across the entire frontage.”

After we ran this photo of the amusement venue recently, with an appeal for information, Tracey Barraclough got in touch to say her dad, Malcolm Barraclough, owned it.

“I worked there when I was about 15 in 1975, and called the numbers on the bingo which was upstairs,” says Tracey. “Dad opened the disco downstairs, I had my 14th birthday party there. Dad was a true charismatic entrepreneur. Bingo upstairs, gambling machines on the middle floor, disco on the ground floor.

“The memories have come flooding back. Dad sold it in 1979 and opened Dukes and Silks wine bar.”

Shahid Hussain says: “I loved the Diamond Horseshoe. Me and other school kids used to go to the top floor to play arcade games almost every day after school. We made new friends, had interesting discussions about many subjects and enjoyed the games. Brilliant place. Best arcade place in Bradford at the time.”

Says Robert Fleming: “The Diamond Horseshoe was run by Malcolm Barraclough in the early 1970s. It featured a prize bingo room on the first floor. Malcolm was a well known businessman in Bradford and went on to open the city’s first wine bar in the late 70s.”

Bepin Dayalji says: “I remember going there when they had gaming arcades downstairs.”

Some of you have shared Diamond Horseshoe memories on the T&A’s We Grew Up in Bradford Facebook page:

Michael Marshall comments: “I used to go there in the late 80s and early 90s. It was fantastic. Some games were 10p a go.”

Chris Edwards: “Oh yes we got dragged out of there by our tutor from college mid-afternoon one day in 1991 when we were supposed to be in class! We couldn’t believe he came to get us... ha ha.”

Simon Barraclough (Tracey's brother): "My father owned it, I think he opened the basement as a disco, Kittens he called it. He bought it from Mecca who had the bingo next to the ice rink. Part of my childhood days. Good times."

David Wright: “I remember it very well. What is the place used as now or is it still empty like it was the last time I saw it?”

Daniel Livingstone remembers it “With great fondness.”

Barry Smith: “Used to go in there in the 70s before going to the ice rink.

Peter Jennings: “When it first opened it was called The Crescent.”

Simon Rider: “Still there now but sadly empty.”

Joyce Fieldhouse: It also had a youth disco underneath called Cuddles in the 70s.”

Kaz Hussain: “It was a great place when bunking off school. Lol.”

Angus Stewart recalls playing arcade games there, including Pace-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invaders:”Joy of 1982 onwards.”

Happy days indeed at the Diamond Horseshoe.