BRADFORD-based manufacturer Christeyns has launched its new innovative detergent system, called EPIC.

Short for Enzymatic Process Innovation by Christeyns, it is based on enzyme technology and will allow laundries to reduce their wastewater costs by 25 per cent.

Alain Bostoen, CEO of Christeyns said: "Industrial laundries are facing several water challenges: the cost and availability of water, the cost of discharging wastewater and ever-stricter environmental regulations concerning its discharge. With EPIC, we can help laundries meet discharge standards and reduce wastewater costs."

The EPIC detergent system reduces surfactants by 50 per cent, replacing them with biological enzymes. This reduces the wastewater load by twenty to thirty per cent, providing substantial savings for laundries. 

Because enzymes are biological in origin and due to the low dosages, the carbon footprint is up to 20 per cent lower compared to a standard washing process.  This is further reduced as both transport and storage requirements are minimized.

“Polluting water as little as possible and reusing it as much as possible are the key objectives in our sustainable water management goals,” said Justin Kerslake, commercial director at Christeyns UK. “We are excited to offer our customers in the UK this revolutionary new technology, to take them one step further in meeting their sustainable targets.”

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