TWO BRADFORD filmmakers who have made a ground-breaking documentary on disability and mental health are now looking for somewhere to screen their film.

Harvey Paxton and Georgina Jovanovic, both 24, created the documentary Acknowledge Me with no budget.

They hope it can create a sense of community and encourage more conversations on important issues.

Writer and director Harvey – who has cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user – said his personal journey was an inspiration for Acknowledge Me.

“Disability and mental health are two subjects which often intertwine,” he said.

“As well as representing myself, I wanted to work with a diverse range of people with varying degrees of struggle and offer them a platform, so they could also feel heard and accepted.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Director and writer HarveyDirector and writer Harvey

Harvey, from Shipley, continued: “I aimed to make something which allowed me to open up, as I can sometimes feel quite reserved.”

The documentary’s title is a reference to wrestler Roman Reigns - who Harvey explains would often use the phrase - which he added represents “refusing to stop until you have conquered”.

“The trials and tribulations were all worth it, and I am extremely happy with how everything turned out,” Harvey also said.

“My intent was to create a sense of belonging for people and encourage them to speak up if they are going through a tough situation.

“The film isn’t just for me, but for anyone who may need it.”

Harvey and Georgina are personal friends and have both just completed bachelor’s degrees – in filmmaking and in performance, respectively.

“Working with creatives who helped me realise my vision was an honour and I wouldn’t have achieved without them,” said Harvey.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Harvey with the Acknowledge Me teamHarvey with the Acknowledge Me team

Assistant director and editor Georgina, who is from Wibsey, added: “This project offered the chance to make something we believe in.

“When I saw the opening Harvey had made, I was blown away. His skills as a storyteller, filmmaker and an all-round amazing guy are worth acknowledging. 

“As someone who has also struggled with the effects of mental health and disability, I agreed to tell my story.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Georgina JovanovicGeorgina Jovanovic

“This was featured in the film, which felt empowering. We shared a deep understanding of ourselves, each other and other people. 

“It’s now snowballed into an ambitious plan, hence why we are looking to screen the piece across venues and make connections.

“We’re also looking at different funding bids to develop it and take it further.

“It’s terrifying but exciting, but we hope that we can uplift others by creating this meaningful art.”