A GROUP of young people from Bradford had a tough week filled with gruelling physical challenges as they prepared to complete their Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) awards.

A cohort of young people was selected by Mary Magdalene CIC to take part in the DofE awards to encourage more BAME participation in the prestigious programme.

The Bronze and Gold group started the week with a pre-walk in Malham as they prepared for their trek up Mount Snowdon on Saturday and visited the Army base at Catterick Garrison, earlier in the week.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: DofE participants at Catterick Garrison DofE participants at Catterick Garrison

Sharat Hussain, DofE Co-ordinator, said: “The DofE program is really impressive and it’s an all-round package, it helps build confidence, boost self-esteem, and challenges young people physically and mentally.

“It builds resilience as well as teaching life-long skills such as teamwork.

“We are the only centre in Bradford that offers DofE, for young people who are not in education, or home educated, didn’t get selected at school or scouts but wish to participate and we target people of BAME bkgrounds, so they also have the opportunity.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Pre-walk Malham Pre-walk Malham

The trek up and down the Welsh mountain took the group seven hours in total.

“They really enjoyed the experience and they’ve already said they want to do the three peaks and Ben Nevis, next.”